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Welcome to Pac-Pedia the database about the Pac-Man games. Pac-Man is the bestselling video game & video-game series around. He even beats out Mario who has over 200 games! So this is the site for the maze-buster & world saver. However we could almost always use a hand in making this a great site. In other words YOU can help with the site.

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The Pac-Man storyline mostly revoles around our hero Pac-Man or other members of his family. Anyway to get down to business the main storyline revoles around a group of evil ghosts who try at no avail to invade Pac-World the planet they all live on but Pac-Man and his allies always stop them. This war has been going centuries before Pac-Man was born. However this isn't your basic guns &/or hand to hand combat war.(Although in some games you have plenty of that.) A strange trait of the Pac-People makes it if they eat different Power Pellets they gain abilities like chomping ghosts forcing the ghost's eyes to retreat, regenerate their forms, and come back later.

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